TMD Hosting Reviews: The Advantages and Disadvantages of TMD Hostinger

People who have a website must have known and informed well about Hostinger services. 

It is kind of a service that offers to help to fix website errors and solve varied web problems. 

There are many kinds of Hostinger services.

For instance, TMD Hosting. Today, we are about to talk about TMD hosting reviews, including the plus and minus sides of TMD Hosting. 

Anyway, why TMD Hosting provider? Well, TMD is indeed underrated but still worth using since it has been available in the market since 2007. 

Now, let’s discuss the TMD Hosting user reviews for further information in the following details!

TMD Hosting Benefits

From several TMD hosting reviews, some people must mention the advantages of using TMD Hostinger. 

What are they? Let’s check all about it below!

1. Pricing

For a newbie or a beginner who just starts creating his or her page site for individual reasons, the price must be one thing to consider. 

Of course, rather than preferring expensive Hostinger, he would be choosing cheaper Hostinger to avoid a scam.

Plus, it is useful to test whether or not the Hostinger itself is effective and works well.  

From TMD hosting reviews 2020, TMD might price different; it will depend on the country you are currently living in. 

Thus, it mostly starts at $ 4.95. Well, if you are lucky, you might even pay only $ 2.95 if it is on sale.

2. Different Payment Method

Having a limited payment method might lower the Hostinger customer’s interest to use the service. 

Remember, not all people have a credit card or want to go to the bank for a money transfer. 

Well, TMD realizes it so it offers us varied payment methods. 

TMD hosting accepts direct money bank transfer, credit cards, and even PayPal for a payment method. 

Easy, right?

3. Great Speed

If you read TMD hosting review, you will get information that TMD works effectively, making your website loads pretty faster. 

It just needs 4.4 seconds to fully load your website. For your information, TMD has three caching layers with SSDs (solid-state drive). 

They are OPCache, APC, and Varnish; these three layers are useful to make the site loads 16 times faster. 

Moreover, the total page size is around 1.98 MB which helps the web load even faster.

4. Customer Support

Customer support becomes really necessary since it connects the Hostinger with the customers or clients who want to pay for the service. 

That is why some Hostingers would try to offer good, friendly, fast-respond customer support including TMD. 

You could reach out to TMD via live chat, by email, and even at toll-free telephone numbers (it is available for those who are in the UK or the US. 

Feel free to ask some questions but you have to be patient enough. You need to wait within 15 to 30 minutes for the reply.

5. Server Location

Without reading TMD Hosting domain reviews, you might think that TMD is only available in the US or the UK only. 

Yet, it exists with some server locations such as Singapore, London, Tokyo, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Sydney.

6. Varied Plans

There are many kinds of TMD hosting plans. They are the starter, business, and enterprise plans. 

Every plan must be different; it has plus and minus sides. 

A starter plan, for instance, prices a lot cheaper than others. Thus, it has a limited number of sites (only one). 

Meanwhile, a business TMD plan is more expensive than a starter plan but offers an unlimited number of sites.

Finally, an enterprise TMD hosting plan will give you many benefits such as free SSL, unlimited number of sites, storage, and bandwidth. 

However, it is the most expensive TMD hosting plan of all these three. 

Anyway, there would be a reseller standard which may become the cheapest one. 

Yet, it only features 65 GB disk space and 700 GB bandwidth.

7. Various Features

From TMD hosting reviews, we could know that this Hostinger also offers shared hosting just like the other common, regular Hostinger. 

Shared hosting is useful for sharing the same server with other sites. 

TMD hosting offers two shared hosting packages, an amazing package and an unlimited package.

For your information, if you would like to choose unlimited domains, go for the unlimited package. 

Whereas, if you are just looking for the one with unlimited bandwidth and storage for a personal or a single domain, choose the amazing package. 

Anyway, there are also other features offered such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and programs.

8. Uptime Guarantee

Are you afraid or worried about whether or not TMD hosting works slow? 

Do not worry! TMD Hostinger will give you a 99.99% uptime guarantee. 

Well, you might not indeed get your money fully back but at least you will receive a tiny amount of your money. 

It does not mean you need to be cautious of using TMD. Well, this web Hosting provider is still worth trying.

9. cPanel

cPanel plays an important role in a website since it is used to add some features or certain functionality to your site. 

Thus, some Hostinger makes and modifies cPanel. This makes the clients get difficulties operating it. 

Yet, based on TMD hosting reviews, TMD uses the regular cPanel for the customers to make them comfortable and feel ‘homey’.

10. Malware Protection

TMD Hosting offers the customers’ security protection so that your website might be free from malware. 

This Hostinger uses a “military-grade security” BitNinja-powered web-based firewall which does not only protect your site from malware but also hackers and security breaches. 

Therefore, you shall not be worried about getting your data stolen or hacked by others.

11. Free Daily Backups

As the one who runs websites, not only one but some, you must be very busy updating your websites. 

Then, you might forget to back up your page sites. This might lead you to lose your data. 

Thus, do not worry. TMD hosting would be helpful since it offers you free automatic daily backup. 

Even though you forget to back up your data, there might not be a big deal if you have TMD Hostinger.

12. TMD Forum

TMD Hostinger creates a forum where you could search for answers to certain questions. 

Plus, some pieces of information and knowledge do exist for you for studying. 

For a newbie, this might be a great chance to learn everything about web hosting.

13. Bonus Features

TMD Hostinger sure is like a hidden, precious gem. 

It is not only within budget but also gives some bonus features such as SSD storage, SSL certificates, and even NGINX web servers.

14. Positive review

Most of the clients have submitted positive reviews of paying TMD hosting services. 

It means that it is worth, trusted, and qualified enough. By the way, TMD Hostinger got 4.8 stars from 5. Isn’t it great?

The Disadvantages of TMD Hostinger

Responding to the TMD hosting reviews, you might say that TMD hosting works almost perfectly. 

Yet, still, there are also some disadvantages you will find. Let’s talk about all cons TMD hosting review free for further information below!

1. Cancellation and Refund

Studying TMD hosting reviews, you will be able to ask for a refund if you cancel making use of TMD services. 

Customer support will help you to get your money fast, simple, and straightforward. 

Yet, even so, you still need to wait for a longer time (60 days). Plus, do not expect to receive your money for the full amount. 

Also, there is no refund for certain features including add-ons, Bare Metal Servers, domain names, or extra services.

2. Non-customers

Even though you create an account for TMD hosting, you will not get any free trial. 

This will be the same for the clients; they would not get free trials but discounts or sales.

3. Price

Noticing TMD hosting reviews, you might think TMD requires cheaper prices. It is not wholly false. 

Yet, there are much cheaper Web Hosting providers that are worth thinking of.  

4. Restricted shared hosting area

Even if you are a client, you cannot select the datacenter for your shared hosting. 

The location will also be decided by the Hostinger support team.

5. Discount

Following the info from  Google about TMD hosting reviews, TMD offers a discount for those who use their services. 

Yet, the discount is just available in the beginning only. There will be a renewal price, once you have been regular clients. 

Summary of TMD Hosting Reviews

Well, as you have read the TMD hosting reviews, TMD Hostinger has only a few minus sides. Therefore, you might not worry to use this Hostinger service. 

However, you still need to read and understand what kind of TMD hosting plan you are going to use and to pay for. 

Remember, even though you can get your refund back and although the process is pretty easy, you cannot get your money fully.

Finally, reading TMD hosting reviews might be a useful detail for anyone who wants to try to use this Hostinger service for his or her web page development. 

Stay up-to-date to read other info about TMD web hosting competitors on this website!