It is important to have these tools to work Online if you want to work from home?

All people in the world are struggling to overcome the coronavirus. Governments across the country are deciding people need to work from home. 

If you work from home, of course, you will need many tools that can support your work. 

You can take a look at 10 essential tools to work online which are explained below.

1. Blossom

Working from home should be able to divide the time to be serious and when to relax. 

When working hours start, there are usually lots of job desks that your boss gives to you and other office colleagues. If you work without a boss, then you will still have a myriad of jobs. 

For example, meeting with clients and so on. All you need to do is use a tool called Blossoms.

This tool has post-it features similar to a whiteboard. You will be able to easily use this one tool in making what-to-do lists. 

You will be able to use it for many types of projects, whether small or large projects.

2. Zendesk

You and your colleagues build a startup. It is certain that you must both look for consumers and provide the best possible service to consumers. 

Consumer happiness with the services that your startup provides will directly impact business development. 

You can just provide a special page on the startup website that is useful for integrating consumer satisfaction with the services your startup provides.

The integration process can use Zendesk. Every consumer who will enter the website will usually be connected to the website domain and can immediately find out the expressions of consumers who have used your startup products or services.

3. Buffer

You have a profession as a social media regulator and don’t just manage one social media. 

You must be very overwhelmed to have to keep on recording what posts have happened and which haven’t. 

There’s also no way you can be available 24 hours to make the post. The tool you will need is Buffer. 

You will be able to make a post order, either in the form of a link, photo, or video. Everything will be published automatically after you set the time.

This tool is suitable for you to use to publish posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can make a lot of updates when visitors are at their peak. 

Another feature that you can take advantage of from Buffer is that it provides information about the right decisions about publishing posts. 

You just need to take advantage of Buffer analytics to make it happen.

4. Flowdock

A special platform that you can use to create groups and personal chats is Flowdock. 

An interesting feature of this platform is having an inbox team. Every member who joins the team will be able to get notifications and read. 

Another interesting thing about its feature is that you can connect notifications every time there is a Twitter post, Asana, and others. 

These tools can really make the collaboration process easier when it comes to doing work from home.

5. ProofHub

You need a tool to be able to manage projects. 

The tools you can use are ProofHub. There are many features related to project management as well as collaboration. 

Some of the features that you can use to manage projects are workflow settings, oversee the project work process, discuss with the team, and also make a project design. 

You can really rely on this tool to keep an eye on project results and get things done for you.

6. Help Scout

There are some consumers who do not like to get forms for them to fill in for their desired needs. 

Tools that can be a solution to this problem is the Help Scout. This tool will be useful in conveying your needs via email. 

The email will be immediately divided into emails with the needs of the handlers to be fast, easy, difficult, and each in a different inbox.

This will make it easier for the customer service department to handle consumer complaints. 

You can organize each complaint queue based on time priority and ease of handling the problem.

7. KISSmetrics

Every website owner would want to know in detail about things related to traffic. 

Instead of just receiving a hard report on the number of visitors who came, you can find out who came and what he did on your website. 

You will be able to get useful pieces of information from KISSmetric that can be used to make the right decisions. 

This is very necessary to be able to understand which content visitors are most interested in.

8. Olark

According to one study, consumers have a tendency to spend more than 10 percent of their time on companies they trust. This is also included in the customer service they provide to consumers. 

Olark will provide a small pop-up in the corner of the website, so you can communicate directly with consumers.

9. Asana

Another tool that can help you and your team track and manage your job desk is Asana. 

The working principle of this tool is similar to a work management platform. You will also be able to use this platform to determine risks and other obstacles.

Asana is usually used by managers to be able to know the progress of a project or task at each stage. 

A manager no longer needs to carry notes in the form of a book and laboriously asks employees what stage of development the project is handling. 

You only need to install this tool on a smartphone or laptop.

10. Toggl

A useful tool for timing monitoring is called Toggl. This application can help you in tracking and real-time reporting results. 

This application can be useful for tracking assignments and projects based on deadlines.

Toggl’s user interface is very easy to understand. You’ll be able to quickly find out how to set schedules and projects based on time and interactive bag timers. 

Toggl is included in the 10 essential tools to work online that you can use at home.