Ultimate Addon Reviews:

Pros And Cons About Ultimate For Elementor You Need To Know And The Conclusions

Introduction of Ultimate Addon

The Elementor page builder plugin has been a popular choice among WordPress users since this page builder lets you customize your webpages without the advance knowledge of HTML, coding, designing, and more. 

It can also support other third-party addons to further beautify your webpages’ designs.

In this article, we will learn about another addon for Elementor that has more amounts and distinct widgets from those in the Premium addon called the “Ultimate addon for Elementor”.

The Ultimate addon for Elementor (or abbreviated as the “UAE”) was developed by Brainstorm Force, who is also the team behind the popular Astra theme for WordPress. 

It consists of more than 50 widgets for your WordPress-based websites and more than 100 website templates that are ready to be imported at any times.

The UAE is also compatible both in the mobile application and the PC versions. 

As with other addons, UAE comes with a customer service support that can be reached out through the FAQ sections, the official website’s documentations, blog sections, and more, as well as more personalized means such as emails or live chats.

UAE has their own strengths and weaknesses, in which we refer to as “pros and cons”. 

In the end of this article, we will give conclusions whether UAE is a great choice or not and for whom UAE is best to be used. 

As with other addons, we will start with the “pros” first.

Pros About Ultimate For Elementor You Need To Know

The first “pro” point about Ultimate for Elementor (UAE) you need to know is the amazing ability to integrate with WordPress’ most acknowledged plugin for e-Commerce: WooCommerce.

The “Add to Cart”, “Products”, and “Categories” modules in the UAE are integrated to WooCommerce. 

Such integrations are beneficial for e-Commerce store owners who want to sell their products and services through their official WordPress-based websites.

The UAE’s top strengths that benefit online shop owners don’t stop in merely providing accessibility to the WooCommerce integration. 

Instead, it also comes with the User Registration Form and Marketing button modules. 

With the presence of these two modules, the UAE becomes a great addon for e-Commerce store owners and online marketers to market products and services, as well as reminding website visitors to subscribe and register through their websites.

Another plus point about the UAE you need to consider is the ability to translate in native languages. 

With such abilities, the UAE becomes even more accessible to website visitors all over the world. 

Hence, the UAE helps in bringing more website visitors and has more potentials in turning website visitors to money-making leads.

Unlike most of other similar addons, the UAE is also integrated with the SEO widget. 

The SEO widget are often found in blog posts and search engines about certain products and services. 

Yet, those are not the only two capabilities of the SEO widget found in the UAE. 

Instead, the same SEO widget will also let you add reviews on your products and services.

Adding reviews on your products and services is a crucial step to ensure your products and services are trustworthy. 

The more reviews, especially when you have positive stars with comprehensive reviews, make your products and services even more shining.

So, the presence of the SEO widget in the UAE becomes a strength for UAE because it helps online business owners to place their products and services nearer to the page one in the search engine and also in their websites’ homepages. 

Such placements will make it easy for website visitors to first and foremost see your products and services and thus placing their mindset to buy yours.

The benefit of the SEO widget in the UAE that can turn website visitors into leads doesn’t stop in adding positive reviews. 

Instead, there are also tons of other benefits the UAE’s SEO widget has, such as the how-to and FAQ schemas to help as a knowledge base for your customer support teams.

We know all those Call To Actions (CTA) in the sales and marketing world. 

Often times, CTAs don’t only involve the “Yes/No/Cancel” buttons, but there can also be other buttons as options for website visitors and customers to help them decide with your products and services. 

In this case, the UAE has a strength in providing the Multi Buttons Option, which lets you create multiple CTA buttons in your website.

Design-wise, the UAE also has their strong points. One of them is the ability to create and combine different colors, styles, and even animated texts and pictures in one heading. 

While in other addons you have to purchase the premium version to enjoy the benefit of animated texts, the UAE already provides this even in their free version. 

Such a strength let the users to experiment with their designs while trying the product before actually buying them.

In the UAE’s lists of widgets, these designing features are available through the Dual Color Headings, Advanced Headings, and Fancy Headings widget. 

The Dual Color Headings widget is for you who want to create a heading with two different styles and colors. 

Through the Advanced Headings, you customize your headings’ layouts, colors, underlines, and many other more. 

Then, Fancy Headings widget lets you create interactive headings like Google’s heading that can play games when clicked the button, for example.

The UAE’s designing capabilities don’t stop in merely letting users customize headings. 

By using the UAE for your WordPress-based websites, you can also white label your websites. 

In other words, you can have opportunities to replace your UAE logo with your brands’ logo when using the UAE.

The WP Portofolio plugin is also available in the paid version of the UAE. 

As the name suggests, this plugin helps you display how your products and services are helping other customers in forms of websites, images, and videos. 

Such displays, especially when placed in the websites’ homepages, will have potentials to attract more potential buyers to purchase your products and services.

The membership to SkillJet Academy is also one of the unique strength points the UAE possesses. 

The SkillJet Academy, according to their official website, is an e-learning platform for aspiring and practitioners of web entrepreneurs, online business owners, and many other more to fast-track their online businesses to the next levels. 

There are dozens of available courses members can take, and such memberships are included in the UAE’s paid version.

Many customers have been more than satisfied with the UAE’s super-responsive customer support teams. 

The UAE’s customer support team is not only always ready to help you in building websites to attract potential buyers.

They are also reachable by firstly typing a single-sentence question through the “Help Center” menu. 

Not stopping there, even the knowledge base and video tutorials are comprehensive, making both the help center in general and the customer support teams responsive in handling your concerns regarding your websites.

Cons About Ultimate For Elementor You Need To Know

Given their entire widgets, the Ultimate for Elementor (UAE) comes with their unique weaknesses. 

The first weakness we’re going to learn here is the fact that the UAE’s widgets are overloading by their own selves.

“Overloading” here means complicated coding processes in every of the available widgets. 

Since there are lots of widgets contained in the UAE, the internal codings can be a problem for some users, especially if they’re just starting to build their first websites. 

While it’s not essential to understand codings and HTMLs in depth, problems such as crashing codes in different widgets that are been used can arise. 

A user reported such problems when he used the UAE together with the Dynamic platform.

The UAE’s pricing plans are also not the cheapest ones. 

Starting at $48 for the Ultimate Addons (the cheapest pricing plan for the UAE) and with more than 65 free templates in it, the UAE becomes one of the most expensive in their classes.

It gets even more expensive for the Agency Bundle. 

While you get lots of unique features, such as the membership to SkillJet Academy, Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder, Convert Pro Plugin, and many more, it costs $199 even after the 30% New Year Sale. 

Such expensive pricing plans make you have to save more money to use the UAE to beautify your websites’ designs and to make them more attractive to your website visitors and potential buyers.


The UAE can be one of the #1 candidate to partner with Elementor with their many advantages in designs and in integrating with the e-Commerce systems. 

The ways that it integrates with WooCommerce in the widgets, along with the SkillJet Academy membership it offers, makes the UAE a perfect choice for e-Commerce business owners to elevate their business to the next levels. 

The design flexibilities in creating distinctive headings are also considered to make your websites more attractive.

On the other hand, you need to be careful of the expensive prices it offer and the potentials of arising coding problems such as crashing codes in different widgets. 

You need to consider these two weaknesses when you want to purchase any of the UAE’s payment plan.