Top 10 Tips to Boost WooCommerce SEO

You create online store with WooCommerce in order to sell your product and service. 

This platform contains every features that ecommerce must have. 

For traffic, you rely on paid advertisement on social media, search engine, and several platforms.

Unfortunately, the traffics are not what you expect. 

More views and visitors from your ads, but the quality are relatively low. 

Moreover, you hardly make any sales at all. This is the most common issue when people start online store.

In general, you can use several solutions such building organic traffic and creating direct marketing. 

The first option seems to be the best thing you must consider. 

As you know, views from real visitors and buyers are highly qualified.

They are people who have interacted with your website directly. 

The search engines will put your stores at the top index after gaining significant results from this kind of traffic. 

To ensure you get such a thing, several tips are available to boost WooCommerce SEO.

1. Meta description

The first step is you work on Meta descriptions. When searching a specific keyword, you often see some descriptions. 

They explain briefly about related information based on such keyword. 

To make it short, you must write description up to 160 characters. The minimum is between 120 and 150.

If this part is too short, you lose an opportunity to explain more. 

On the other hand, too many words will lose interest from users and viewers. 

They do fast reading to find what they want so that time is essence. Therefore, description has to be short, brief, concise, and accurate.

Another regarding description is no complex word. It means you only use words and sentences that easy to understand. 

If you still do not know what to write, check competitor and related products. 

After that, modify based on your own product. It is a useful trick to implement.

2. Title tags

The next tip is you optimize title tags. This one has a crucial role when creating an online store and preparing marketing. 

You use a broad terms for the category and more specific for the product title. 

This one should match with the meta description.

Usually, users will start searching from keywords and find tittle then read descriptions. 

In that case, you must put the title with the closest relation to the product itself. 

You can use keywords in the first sentence and avoid repetition.

3. Product details

Product detail is necessary when you sell something. The following list will show things you must do with this part.

• Specifications

For your information, there are two ways when describing specification. 

You can use full information as similar as the one from official site. 

For example, your store sells smartphone and puts all descriptions with utmost detail. People can read and know what they will get.

The second way is you just put the key specs. In this case, description is relatively brief and short. 

It looks like meta description but with more words. Users will read quickly and understand. 

They know the product so that there is no need for complete specs.

• Easy to understand

You can use both methods when describing products. 

As long as people can read easily, your detail does not have many issues. Some specs might include technical detail. 

If this part is necessary, you must include it. You also add an explanation for extra information such as benefits or additional services.

• Avoid overusing keyword

The last part is you avoid overusing keywords. Title and meta description already have your keywords. 

Product detail will focus on specs, technical information, benefits, and other things that customers must know before buying.

4. URL structure

Another excellent tip is URL structure. You see two online stores that sell the same products. 

However, both use different configuration for their URL. One of them is short that contains product title and related category. 

On the other hand, the second store implements different strategy because URL only includes relevant keyword.

People think a short URL is better and more reliable. That’s true when you sell products, which many people know. 

Unfortunately, you compete with tons of stores and they also think the same way. In this case, you must rely on WordPress. 

This platform has sections to optimize URLs. You can put keywords, titles, and anything to direct visitors to the right page.

5. Schema markup

WordPress can use snippets and you just configure schema markup. This one is useful to boost SEO. 

If you have no idea how to implement manually, WordPress provides some plugins to handle this task. 

This part will bring more visitors due to your website and pages are easy to access.

6. Image optimization

When discussing about ecommerce, image or photo is mandatory. You use it to explain your product. In general, search engine will use this one to make indexes. 

In that case, you must put title and description properly. Many people do not realize about image property.

When you choose right click on specific photo, choose description or detail. Image can have tags and necessary information. 

Many software provides editing on such detail. You just use the right keyword that will match with product name, model, specification, and meta description.

Image optimization is proved to be the game-changer. 

Your product will appear not only in the main result but also in the image sections. 

You cannot ignore this opportunity to attract more viewers or buyers with an attractive photo. 

One more thing about this part is you resize resolution based on standard mode. 

The image cannot too large or small that restricts access. People must see clearly from any platform and device.

7. Mobile-friendly theme

You must adapt with the latest situation and technology. 

Few years ago, laptop and computer were the majority devices people used when accessing internet. 

Today, more than 70% viewers and visitors come from smartphone or mobile-based platform such as tablet. This is your potential customer. 

Unless your store have other targets, using mobile-friendly theme is mandatory.

The good news is WordPress has tons of themes and templates that are compatible with mobile device. After selecting template, you must optimize. 

Make sure your pick the one that is suitable for ecommerce and online store. 

As you know, every theme has specific style and component. If the basic is not enough, add some plugins or modules to optimize your store. 

Another good tip is you pick several themes and try one by one. Open a website on your own devices from various platform. 

Check again if there is issue and fix immediately.

8. SEO plugin

You recognize plugin called Yoast SEO. It is dedicated plugin in WordPress that will boost SEO. 

One thing you forget is it does not put your website on top search automatically. 

On the other hand, having this kind of plugin is the great help.

A website becomes more reliable and easy to attract many viewers. Such plugin is mostly paid service that users must pay to get a subscription. 

You allocate enough budget to in this part. It is a necessary investment in the future. More SEO plugins are available as alternatives. 

Check review and make sure you know how to use them.

9. Product review must be accessible

You open the top marketplaces and look for specific products. After reading the description, you’ll find a review and rating. 

The top comments and reviews are visible with extra loading. Visitors and viewers can read directly.

For your information, having an accessible reviews has a significant impact. People will interest to know more. 

They explore other comments including ratings. This is a good sign that leads to transactions. 

Of course, you must maintain the best service so that the previous buyers wrote their good experience.

WordPress can use page builder such as Elementor for this purpose. You can add widgets and some modules directly on content. 

They are ratings, reviews, and anything to customize product appearances.

10. Site hierarchy

The last one is site hierarchy. 

Small stores do not have a problem with categories and a list of products. You only create few and people can access them easily. 

This is called site hierarchy. Online stores have the main category and subs until the buyer finds the right one. You must think from the buyer’s point of view.

Imagine you visit a marketplace but take more than four clicks or taps just to get your product. 

It is too long and less efficient. You need to handle hierarchy with utmost efficiency. 

Expand category so that your product is visible after two steps.

Conclusion In Boosting Woocommerce SEO

You measure the success of an online store after calculating sales. Some websites have fewer views and traffic but sales and transactions are extremely vast. 

More ads are necessary if you know the main target. On the other hand, you must work on SEO and find tips to boost it. 

The above list shows some tips you can implement.

This is not a shortcut you can see the result next month. In fact, optimizing SEO is a long-term strategy for at least two years. 

The first year, you focus on everything that will work until finding the right formula. 

In the next year, you already know what to do and boost more with the right method. 

In the end, an online store is accessible and more people visit to buy.