WP Engine Reviews:

Is It A Reliable Web Hosting Provider?


WordPress hosting is still remarkably popular, thanks to WordPress’s user-friendly features. 

This is why there are so many providers that offer WordPress hosting services. Prices vary from one company to another. 

Even so, website owners usually opt for the one with the long-term establishment. And WP Engine is one of them.

Things You Want to Know About WP Engine

Intended particularly for WordPress plug-ins and installations, WP Engine is known very well among fanatics of WordPress. Other web hosting providers still require users to install WordPress for using their services. But, it doesn’t apply to WP Engine. WP Engine has its content management system installed, once users buy any of the plans. 

WP Engine is also easy to use. Just like the simple WordPress platform, creating content is very easy with several functions that it has. 

Creating posts, adding pages, and inserting galleries is just like solving puzzles for kindergarten. 

Is WP Engine A Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

In Short answer, yes. But you need to know more in WP Engine reviews below, and why Wp Engine considered as most reliable Hosting company?

Is WP Engine is As Good As Its Reviews?

Of course, it is easy for us to read good reviews about a company. This is especially from the official website of the company itself. 

But, true reviews about any web hosting provider are mostly written by its users. 

Now, check out the pros and cons of WP Engine, as compiled to several reliable reviews from its long-time customers. 

WP Engine Pros


WP Engine has been in this business for years. 

Its establishment has been well known by millions of website owners, who count on WordPress as its platform. Its loyal users are both beginners and professionals. 

This is because WP Engine has lots of plans with various prices that users can choose from, based on their needs and budgets.  

Daily Backups

It provides daily backups that are beneficial for all its users. It also automates lots of many functions, like plug-in updates. 

Users find out that fewer web hosting providers offer the sophisticated technology of Evercache. 

This technology allows the combination of caching and proxy servers for enhancing the fast loading pages. 

High Compatibility with plug-ins for WordPress

WP Engine ensures high compatibility with several WordPress plug-ins. 

It means WP Engine has a small list of plug-ins which this company doesn’t support. 

The reason is because of the modest operation effect or doubling-up of built-in features of this company.

Reliably Fast

WP Engine is known very well for hosting websites both business and enterprise. 

It is fast with excellent uptime. Its page loading times are perfect and its server response time is very much reliable.

Every website owners, particularly those who run e-commerce websites, need fast loading site. 

Visitors will directly leave slow loading e-commerce sites and go to other similar services. 

No matter how great is the sale programs of an e-commerce site, it won’t attract visitors if it doesn’t load fast.

Another reason why a fast loading website is a necessity is its position in the search engine. 

The organic search is automatically detecting fast loading websites and ranking them better. 

Most users of WP Engine claims that the server response time of WP Engine is 0,7 second, with page loading time only takes only a half of second. 

Consistent Uptime

Besides speed, uptime is also very crucial for all websites. 

Everyone who uses WP Engine has proven that they never experience any downtime with this web hosting provider. 

Its 100% uptime is not a lip-service. On the other hand, it becomes the most dependable feature that users can count on WP Engine. 


There are four plans available in WP Engine. 

The simplest one is the Startup Plan that starts from $35 on a monthly basis. It allows users to get 10 GB local storage and 50GB bandwidth. 

This plan is suitable for users with 25.000 visits on a monthly basis. 

Users of this plan can enjoy the automated SSL certificates as well as global CDN and server-level caching.

The next plan for the growing business owners is Growth Plan. 

As the name implies, this plan is good for those who need to expand their businesses gradually. 

The plan includes 20GB local storage, 200GB bandwidth that starts at $115. 

This website is already suitable for small-scale e-commerce sites. This plan’s users can import third-party SSL certificates.

WP Engine also has Scale Plan for experienced website owners. Starting at $290, this plan offers 30GB local storage and 400GB bandwidth. 

With 400.000 visits per month, the Scale Plan is undeniably excellent for big-scale e-commerce websites. Users can host up to fifteen websites. 

For website owners with millions of visits in a month, they can opt for Custom Plan. 

This plan allows users to get up to 1TB local storage and more than 4GB bandwidth in a month. 

All plans provide 24/7 chat support and Genesis themes. 

All plan users will also provide several hosting add-ons, in which users can host extra websites more than the applicable amount. 

Other excellent features include security features and a smart plugin manager. What’s more, all plans are equipped with malware scanning.

Features of Website Security

WP Engine also offers an SSL Certificate, particularly for website owners who run e-commerce websites. 

SSL Certificate assures protections to the data which is sent from any computer of buyers or visitors to users’ servers. 

This security feature is free for any plan, even the simplest one. 

It also has security against malware. The firewall is also updated on a daily basis for the best protection against any threat. 

Another excellent advantage in using WP Engine is the free service for users whose site is hacked. 

Affordable Extra Services

This web hosting provider provides several paid add-ons. They are still considered affordable among website owners. 

Users can get Smart Plugin Manager for $10/month on a monthly basis. 

Or they might want to add with GeoTarget that starts from $15 per month. 

Other extra services include Global Edge Security that starts at $30 each month, as well as WordPress Multisite installs that cost $20 per month. 

Those add-ons are only available for Growth Plan, Scale Plan, and Custom Plan.

Service Support

The service support is excellent. The live chat feature is very fast to access. 

The customer service gives a fast response by providing tickets within minutes. 

Yet, the call support is only available for all plans’ users unless Startup.  

Money-Back Guarantee

60-day money-back guarantee is the real deal for WP Engine users. 

For sure, it surpasses some rivals. However, the guarantee only applies to Custom Plan.

WP Engine Cons


The prices of all plans are considered higher than other web hosting providers. 

Yet, they are all worth paying for website owners who demand no downtime. 

However, its Custom plan is classified as the most expensive one among others. 

Users can get the exact cost by calling the sales representative, whom users can ask for customization. 

Less Versatility

Users of WP Engine cannot upload their non-WordPress site as well as its related apps, which are Windows or Linux-based. 

Email Hosting

It also provides no email service, as well the feature for registering domain names. 

Actually, the same thing applies to almost all cloud hosting providers. 

Users who need to have a business email can get it from any third-party email company. This is a pity because some of its competitors provide email within any plan.

Some beginners may find this somewhat difficult. What they should do is to get support from the customer service, in providing the simplest way to register a domain name and get an email account. 

Commonly, e-commerce website owners will choose Mailflow, Direct IQ, and many more. 

Installed Plugins

WP Engine doesn’t allow installed plugins on sites that it hosts. It comprises caching plugins at the same time as WP Engine offers on a server level. 

Users can also find the disallowed plugins list from the support center. 

As this web hosting company is popular with WordPress hosting specialization, users can find e-commerce tools from the great CMS plug-in library. 

Some of them include WooCommerce, Shopify, and many more. 

In this case, users should pay extra money for using the service of e-commerce and email marketing providers. 

Inconsistent Servers

Some website owners say that the servers are a little bit inconsistent, though it is still considered normal. 

Yet, the fast loading feature of WP Engine has made users take the inconsistent server for granted. 

All they need is a fast loading site that ensures more visitors. 

Conclusion of WP Engine Reviews

Long-time reviewers have claimed that they have been using WP Engine and make comparisons with other web hosting providers through the years. 

They claim that WP Engine is indisputably excellent. The uptime and loading time remain the same through the years.

WP Engine is worth considering when it comes to moving site to managed WordPress hosting. 

This is because of the dependable plans which are capable for either small or large websites. 

All users can also get excellent features like automated SSL certificates, site staging, and so forth. 

So, choices are yours. 

All in all, WP Engine is worth trying. 

Regardless of its pricey features, it is worth paying as they can give total support for all WordPress website owners.