Top 10 Tips to Write Blog Post That Make Money and Rank High on SERP

If you are looking for methods to make your blog soar high on a search engine, then these top 10 tips to write blog post that make money below may help you to make your blog gets a better chance to be shown on the first page of Google search.

Anyone can write a blog post, but to make your blog posts appears high on search engines requires time, research, and planning. 

The point of this article is to help your blog appear on Google when users search for the keywords, thus making your blog receives more visitors and help you to make money by placing ads or using other means.

By understanding your blog niche or topic and the plans to optimize your blog, you will be able to create a killer post that can attract a lot of visitors. 

Below are the top 10 tips to write a blog post that can make money.

1. Know the audiences and their needs

Before you start making content for your blog, first thing first, you have to understand who your audiences are. 

What are your target audiences? What kinds of visitors do you want in your blog? 

What type of blog content that you know can make them interested? 

Try to focus on the problems your audiences want to solve. 

To answer those questions then ask yourself: what valuable content I can give to others that may beneficial to them? 

This question will help you to set what blog niche you want to focus on.

2. Focus on particular problem or keyword based on your niche

After you have decided on your niche, now it’s time to break down the small keywords based on your niche. 

Let’s say that your blog niche is about focusing on learning the English language. 

You can decide what problems that English learners face when they try to speak English. 

Maybe they don’t have enough vocabulary, maybe they are too afraid to speak due to insecurity, or maybe they don’t have enough motivation to keep going.

3. You need to carry out competitive analysis

Competitive analysis is searching for information based on your niche and chooses the keywords that will likely get your blog on top of search engine results. 

When people search for keywords Google will also suggest some related search terms. Make sure you take note of those terms. After that, you need to add those terms as blog headlines. 

By doing this trick you will get complete topics to write about. Make sure you write out detailed and comprehensive content based on the headlines.

4. Structuring Your Blog Content

Before you begin to write content make sure you remember this. 

A lot of readers nowadays have smartphones that they always carry around to look for information. The Majority of traffics that comes to your blog might be from smartphone users.

Your job is to make your blog readers, whether from desktop computers or mobile devices get comfortable when reading your content. 

It means that you have to write paragraphs that are easy to read on both platforms. 

For the best mobile user’s experience, try to write short sentences and make them into many paragraphs to make the contents easy to read on a phone. 

Writing long sentences in one paragraph can make reading text on phone seem overwhelming.

You may also need to add images, bullet points, subheadings as well as numbered lists to your content to make it look neat. 

Because the nature of the phone screen is small, you need to do this method in order to make your blog mobile-friendly.

5. Write your blog intro and closing

Most people don’t want to search for something only to end up wasting their time. 

You need to write a blog introduction to tell people what your content is all about. By writing a proper intro, you can tell people what they will get by reading your blog post. 

Make sure you also write out how your blog post can help your visitors in some way. Remember that people don’t want to waste their time.

Writing a closing statement is also important to remind your visitors about the conclusion of your blog post to help them remember the important points on your blog that can be beneficial to your visitors.

6. Write Headlines that pique your visitors’ curiosity

Humans are curious creatures by nature and the enticing blog titles and headlines works wonder to make your traffic go high. 

Try to make headlines that make people want to click to find out more about what the headlines say. People tend to skip your blog post if it doesn’t catch their attention. 

Here are the examples of enticing headlines to make your visitors want to click your links

  • Doctor hates it, here’s the secret of longevity you need to know.
  • You have been learning (insert keyword here) wrong all these times…
  • If you keep doing this at night you will have a good night’s sleep.
  • 10 ways to make your computer runs faster and be as good as new.
  • The easiest way to make money using only your smartphone.
  • And many more.

The point here is to try to make headlines that are so captivating to make your visitors can’t resist but click.

7. Make sure your posts are based on research and findings to make them more credible

If you are trying to make your blog posts stand out, try to do thorough research about your current topic. 

Put credible sources at the bottom of your blog post as references. You can quote from a book or journal article if you are writing about health and other topics that need credible information. 

Your article will surely get visitor’s attention.

8. Review your content and revise it before publishing

Before you hit that publish button, make sure your blog post is easy to read. 

Adjust the content formatting to make your blog post look neat. Check for grammatical errors and remove texts that seem redundant.

9. Promote your blog post to boost traffic

Even after you follow all the steps above, your blog won’t get traffic if people don’t know it exists in the first place. You have to be proactive and promote your blog to gather more views. 

You can put your blog post links on social media. Make sure you also write attractive headlines. You can also use email medium to promote your content.

10. Analyze the result and improve

After you have done promoting your content on any media, now it’s time for you to review and analyze the results. See the stats on your blog dashboard about how well your blog post performs. 

Did you get enough traffic? How many search engines have listed your blog? What can be done to improve your blog post? 

You need these results to find out what things that need to be improved, so you can continue to write contents that can gain more traffic.